Global Media Conference Yields Ideas for Cambodian Internet

Choeung Pochin, VOA Khmer

28 June 2012

Keo Kounila is Cambodian blogger who recently attend the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany.

After meeting amid some 1,500 participants, she told VOA Khmer she had garnered new ideas to help develop Cambodia, including organizing seminars to help university students make better use of computers and the Internet.

She would also encourage companies to educate young people on Internet use, which would increase the number of users—and their profits.

“The Internet fee in Cambodia is cheaper, even though a lot of people cannot afford to use it,” she said. “So if Internet companies want to increase their revenue, they should help educate our young people on how to use it. It is very good for both sides, the people, the NGOs and the Internet companies.”

The Global Media Forum was set up to encourage media to play a role in education and culture, especially in developing countries. Attendees discussed not only traditional media, but new media as well, including Facebook and Twitter and their value in educating people.

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