The Cambodia Daily: Social Anxiety (Jan 2017)


In a country where the internet and Facebook are nearly synonymous, the platform has “helped extend free speech in Cambodia by allowing people to see and partake in political discourses online,” said Kounila Keo, a media consultant and public policy scholar.

At the same time, “social media allows very raw material that isn’t filtered to spread around,” she wrote in an email. “And what worries me is when some people do not have the knowledge to verify information they find on social media or say, differentiate between ‘merely opinions’ and ‘facts.’”

“The government and parties involved should realize that now everybody has access to their mobile phones at any time and can upload video to share for thousands of people to see,” Ms. Keo, the media consultant, said.

You can read more about the article here: social-anxiety-the-cambodia-daily

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