The Cambodia Daily: CNRP Youth Leader Resigns Ahead of Reforms (Sept 2016)

The article on Sept 26, 2016

Kounila Keo, a policy analyst with a master’s degree from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, said that youth members of the CNRP currently rely largely on provincial party leaders to represent them at the national level.

“Therefore, I think this could be a good strategy to consolidate countrywide youth support by bringing them closer to the party center in Phnom Penh,” Ms. Keo said in a message.

“It’s actually good to see the party undertaking internal reforms which will make it more transparent and give opportunities to the younger generation to rise up the ranks without facing nepotism and favoritism.”

Go to the link for the article in pdf: cnrp-youth-leader-resigns-ahead-of-reforms-the-cambodia-daily.

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